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The study of Science covers many different areas, and is therefore divided into different branches, some of which are:

  • Chemistry  -  study of the composition of substances and their effects on each other
  • Physics  -  study of the properties of matter and energy, and the measurement of these properties
  • Biology  -  study of the science of life, plants and animals

In High School, Science is compulsory until Year 10.  Students study many different topics from Chemistry, Physics and Biology.  The program is designed to cover the outcomes stated in the Board of Studies Syllabus.

In Years 11 & 12, Science is not compulsory.  Students wishing to continue studying Science may choose any of the branches of Science such as Physics, Chemistry or Biology.  In Years 11& 12 these subjects involve in-depth study and research.

Our primary aim in the Intensive English Centre is to prepare students for High School Science.  Students learn and acquire some of the scientific skills, concepts and attitudes, and in so doing develop English language proficiency.  Our rationale being that students will better learn English when it is used in the context of Science.

To achieve the above aim students will:

  • study a variety of topics in Chemistry, Physics and Biology -  for example, Chemical Reactions, Energy, States of Matter, Electricity, Animals, Plants
  • acquire skills necessary to carry out investigations -  for example using scientific apparatus to do experiments
  • develop research skills -  such as extracting information from various books, pictures and the internet
  • develop an appreciation of science -  become aware of the contributions science has made to society such as the electric motor, light bulb, medicines, etc.
  • acquire English language skills, in particular the language of Science -  for example writing an Experimental Report