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History is compulsory in high school until Year 10. Students study a variety of topics about Australia, world events and ancient societies.

A number of different History subjects can be studied in Years 11 and 12. Most schools offer Ancient History and Modern History. Some schools offer other choices as well.

At the IEC students are guided through activities to develop the skills they will need to study History in high school.

  • Students need to be able to  find information  from different sources – books, films, pictures, CD-rom, the internet, visiting museums or historical sites,  looking at items or artefacts from the time they are studying, or interviewing someone.
  • Students need to be able to organize their information  so that they can understand it and use it.  For example, they can write summaries, construct timelines, use information grids, or draw diagrams.
  • Students need to be able to  analyse their information,  to explain cause and effect, to understand different points of view, so that they can   form a conclusion from their research.
  • Finally students need to be able to  present the results of their research.   This may involve writing a historical recount, a biography, a description, or a discussion. Students may have to draw diagrams or maps, or create posters or wall charts.  They may be asked to give a short talk, or to create a play, a drama, or even a short video.

At the IEC our focus is mostly on some aspects of Australia's history, so our students can know a little about the country where they have come to live.

Homework  may involve preparing or learning vocabulary for a new topic, or completing a class activity, or doing some research.  Students are encouraged to be aware of current issues in the news. They are also encouraged to ask questions.